19/01/2017 (Day 221: A Very Early Start Tomorrow And Project Work)

Today went quite well at work and I definitely am starting to feel like my confidence, which has been been a problem for quite some time is to starting to solidify and rise. It might be because of the fact that one of my major weaknesses before I returned after a week off, which was how consistent I was at achieving the goals that were laid out for me every day. The fact that the consistency has been improving is something that I am quite proud of because whenever I would do projects or go to work, there was always an element and a concern that when I would start a project that the assignment would never get completed. However, there is a feeling now that projects will start and get completed within a much quicker timeframe due to the inconsistencies fading quite a bit.

Tomorrow for me will quite the early start because of some personal things that I won’t go into detail about. However, what this means for me is that I will need to wake up at about 4:30am which is something I am very much not used to. I used to be quite the night owl before I got myself a job last year and I would stay up until 4 or 5am, but waking up and staying awake at that sort of time is something I have never been able to do. I used to have to wake up about 6:30am when I used to work in London but that was quite a different time. It could also affect the quality of my projects I will be working on once I get home from work and maybe could affect the stream, which either way will be going on because I have been planning my return for quite some time now.

The main plus about being up so early is that I can work really hard on the review that is due to be published on Saturday. I am really trying hard to get ahead of reviews so that I can sit down and play more games, but for some reason my creativity for reviews hasn’t been where it should be. This is something that I need to address because I need to make sure that I adhere to the high quality that I write my reviews at or I will start making mistakes, which is not a good idea.

Overall, I am really happy with the progress that my confidence has been making, all I now need to do is continue to turn it into the new found consistency that I have been able to chain together the last 2 weeks. The early wake up will take its toll on me later on in the day, but what I need to do is pace myself effectively throughout the day and I should be fine.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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