18/01/2017 (Day 220: Got My Final Licence For The Review)

I spent this evening getting the final licence that I needed for Gran Turismo 4, therefore meaning that there are now no restrictions to me partaking in races with the game, apart from buying the cars needed for the events themselves. The only issue why getting these licences in the game was such a pain is because the final licence is extremely difficult and defeating the final challenges became quite annoying. However, the challenges are in such a way that the game allows the player to do the challenge as many times as possible, which allows the player to learn the tracks. I definitely did get a really good feeling when I beat the really difficult challenges because there was quite a skill ceiling to reach.

am really looking forward to playing much more of the game because the game is currently starting to feel familiar and it is due to the fact that I have quite positive memories about the game. I only was able to return to it this week because I was able to find a copy of the game in great condition when I was thrifting last week. I was worried because I have ran into some issues in terms of acquiring the game due to a store having the case for the game but not disc. However, the copy I got for £1 was in much better condition then the one I could have got from the other store.

Overall, Gran Turismo 4 is really enjoyable and I am really looking forward to playing the game even more because I have everything I need to now sit down and start progressing through the game.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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