14/01/2017 (Day 216: Best Thrift Ever)

Today was the day that I went thrifting for the second time in a month because I have decided to up the amount of times I thrift per month due to me missing some potential pickups. However, I was actually somewhat worried about upping it to 2 thrifts a month because I visit every single thrift shop in my town and I pick the things I want, I would potentially have exhausted the shops of the games I would be interested in. After what I found during today’s thrift, alongside the pickups I got at the start of the month, I think that 2 thrifts is actually more effective at sourcing games.

I actually recorded a video of my gaming pickups for my Youtube channel because I want to share what games I get as I was inspired by Lazy Game Reviews to go thrifting and share what I got. The difference I do is that I can’t record me in the thrift shops because I am not allowed to record in shops by law. Instead, what I do is record me showing what games I get once I get back from thrifting because I can share whether I have memories of the game and explain why I picked the game up.

The amount of games I got thrifting this month totals at about 30 games with some demo discs and a couple of DVDs. However, the most amazing pickup I got was a boxed Amiga game called Lemmings 2 with all of the floppy discs and the box was in amazing condition. The reason why this was the best pickup is because of how uncommon Amiga titles are nowadays and Lemmings 2 is one title that is quite uncommon.

Overall, I am really happy with the pickups I found and quite a few of the games will make for some quite fun reviews to write and some great games to add to my collection.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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