13/01/2017 (Day 215: Fantastic Week At Work And A Busy Weekend Ahead)

This week was the first full week back at work in 2017 and believe me I was quite nervous because it had been somewhat close to a month since I did a entire week, Monday to Friday. The reason why I was nervous was because I wasn’t sure how I was going to readapt to the workload and also how my temperament and my confidence would fair considering how rusty I was heading back to work. I will say I started off somewhat shaky in the first couple of days, which is actually quite normal because when I haven’t done work for a while, then it will take maybe a day or two to get used to the workload. The other thing I had to get used to as well is how much walking I will be doing because in my job I am pretty much on my feet for the entirety of my shift. However, this is a positive because ever since I started working in my job about 9 months ago, my fitness has been pushed on multiple occasions and still does, but my overall fitness has improved quite a bit.

I will say I don’t understand why I was so nervous because this week went fantastic and I could not have asked for a better way to shake off the rust that I had gathered over the Christmas period. I am really proud of the steps I have been taking during week to maintain my composure, but most importantly to gain some much needed confidence. I feel much more confident in myself and my ability to work because I have proved to myself that I can do it and the disabilities I suffer from have their benefits.

Now that the working week is done, I can relax and take it easy… actually no I can’t I have more work to do. I have got the review for tomorrow to finish up, which I am hoping to complete once this daily blog has been published. I am also going thrifting tomorrow and then recording the video game pick ups video for January, which considering my first thrift on my week off last monday, if I can have the same amount of luck then the video will quite a long video. Another project I need to work on is making some overlays for the stream, which I am hoping to start back up next week because I have been away from streaming on hiatus for a month. The final thing I have to do if i get time (wow I have a lot to do and some of it I might do on Sunday) is start work on one of the 3 remixes I have backlogged because I want to get those out pretty soon so I can start work on my debut album, which has a tentative title of Cyber City.

Overall, this week has been a great week of progression towards what I am truly capable of, which even I am not sure where that peak is. All I know, is that I can offer even more and I can push even harder to start hitting the much loftier heights of my ability.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.




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