10/01/2017 (Day 212: So That Has Never Happened To Me Before)

Today was a day that ended up being being quite interesting, somewhat weird and also extremely funny through exactly the same thing that happened to me today. I was at work like normal, going about my day and completing my tasks and when it came to lunchtime, I decided that I would check my phone to see if anyone had called or messaged me because I had been potentially expected a call or a message. Sometimes, I do get calls and messages from my phone company with some sort of promotion of the day or the phone company would message me what my phone bill was. The reason why I wait until lunchtime to check my phone is because I want to make sure that I am not getting distracted at all, as sometimes one distraction can lead to another and before long I completely lose where I was.

So when I checked my phone at lunch today, I saw that a mobile phone number that I have never seen before had called my phone 3 times in the space of 3 minutes at 9am in the morning. Whenever, I see a mobile phone number on my call history, it stands out like a sore thumb because if one of my family members or my friends call me it would come up with the name of the person rather than the number because I have my friends and family stored in my phone book. What this allows to me to do is rather than both wonder who the number is or try to decipher whose number it is, I would instead know immediately who it was. However, I did think it could be a department that I have been referred to, podiatry because I have been looking to try and find a solution to my flat feet that I have had since I was a child.

I decided on the way home to phone back this mobile phone number just in case it was the department I was being referred to, however what happened next was absolutely hilarious. The first thing I hear was a guy who sounded Northern and sounded drunk. His first question he asks me is “Have I seen his shoes at the pharmacy where I saw him?”. Now, as everyone who reads this blog knows, I work in a hospital, but I do not work in the pharmacy or do I have any experience working in a pharmacy. I said to him I knew nothing about his missing shoes or did I ever see him in the pharmacy, but then he asks “I did see you because I had to ask Natalie if I could borrow her phone so I could call you”. I once again said that I didn’t know the person nor do I know any Natalie’s in the hospital whatsoever. The next piece and what would the final piece of conversation with this guy is what made me laugh so much after I got off the phone. The guy then asks “Are you from Middlesborough?” and as you all know I live in Essex, which is over 250 miles away from Middlesborough and on the complete other side of England. I said “No, I live in East Anglia and I work in a hospital”, it was then the guy realised he has got a wrong number and his tone changed. He told me he was sorry, but then he asked “Can you please delete my number from your call history please as I wish to forget this ever happened?” I then did this and after I did I could not stop laughing because I have never been called on my mobile as a wrong number before and it is an experience I will never forget.

Overall, today has been a great day of work, but also the story I have told which is completely true, I will never forget because it is a situation where I can happily say “So that has never happened to me before”.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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