07/01/2017 (Day 209: Multiplayer Fun With Friends And Review Progress)

Last night was perhaps some of the most fun I have had in a multiplayer game in quite some time because I played some Terraria on stream with a friend of mine Tess. When I initially joined the server, I was really underpowered and quite weak in terms of the equipment I had because her server was on hardmode and I was only on the early stages of normal mode. Tess was fantastic enough to give me a bunch of free weapons and armour so I could be on the same level as the server, which means that the damage I could deal with the weapons was tripled and my armour was quadrupled. She was even nice enough to let me keep the weapons so that I could use them on my single player game, which was fantastic because as soon as I did single player Terraria later on, I dominated the bosses that I faced.

Before I played Terraria multiplayer last night, I had only experienced the single player and I am really glad I played multiplayer with Tess and friends because I experienced Terraria in a completely new way. Tess was fantastic and really welcoming in terms of the multiplayer experience because of the gulf in difficulty between what I had been doing and what I was doing on her server. I really hope I can multiplayer with her again because the multiplayer experience feels more like a community coming together all with the same goal in mind, which was to build a world where everything felt welcome. There was no one on the server who I found annoying or who trolled everyone, but more everyone was helping each other and bouncing ideas off each other. I really do think the multiplayer experience is something I won’t be forgetting because it is completely different compared to single player. In fact, the experience I had in multiplayer as well as the amount of time I have put into the single player means I now feel ready to review the game later on in the year.

Speaking of reviews, I have been working on the review that was published today and I am hoping to start making some progress in terms of getting a lead on reviews now that I am back in the swing of writing the reviews. The reason for potentially looking to get ahead is because I consider the reviews to currently be in 2 waves, which this first wave of reviews ends with Review 35. I am splitting the reviews this was because it means that the games after Review 35 are games that I have either never played before and played recently or games I remember about from my childhood but were not on my initial list of games to be reviewed.

Overall, today has been quite a fun and enjoyable day where I got some things done as well as added another game to my review list as well as continuing writing some more reviews. Let’s hope I can continue this progress because the more I can get done in terms of reviews, the more time I will have to play some other games.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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