06/01/2017 (Day 208: What A Successful Day!)

Today in terms of everything for me has been a remarkably successful day because firstly, I resisted buying more food then I needed when I went shopping. Normally, when I go shopping there are quite a few places within the store that are the first places that I go to because I would be buying nothing but junk food. However, today instead of going to these specific areas, I thought I lot more thoroughly about what food I was buying and then second questioning if I really need them. For example, I bought a couple of rolls for lunch tomorrow because I like rolls that have some cheese on the top and I really like them. When I get these rolls usually, I would end up going to the fridge area of the store to buy bacon and cheese to go inside the rolls, as this would normally be my sandwich/roll filling of choice. However, I felt like I didn’t need the cheese or bacon because the bacon would been quite fatty and the cheese which I get, that is Mature Cheddar tends to be quite well loaded with calories. The only thing I needed was specific crisps, which I have bought as a crisp replacement on my diet and dinner because I didn’t have anything in the house for dinner.

When I was on my way to pay for the groceries, there were pots of Pringles, as well as candy that some previous customers obviously wanted, and then come the arrival at the till to pay didn’t want. Normally, those Pringles would have been in my basket or trolley in a heartbeat because at the store I went to, they are ridiculously cheap and might be one of the reason I would buy so many tubs of them. However, when I arrived at the till today when they were there, I immediately dismissed them because I knew I didn’t need them and more importantly I didn’t even want them. Then, the side of my brain which normally would make me buy the unnecessary food came to play , which required me to switch on the willpower that I have found in the past couple of days. I even touched the pot of Pringles as if intended to purchase them and it was kind of tough, but I walked out of that store without Pringles and only the groceries I needed.

This might sound like a very small step and something that is quite easy to do, but for me and my eating problems I have had previous, it was a really tough thing to do. I feel amazing that I didn’t get those Pringles or candy because if I did, it would have been a massive step backwards and could have caused me to fall back into bad habits. That is why I have not given myself any treats so far on this diet because one treat then leads to another, therefore potentially setting off the downward spiral that I don’t want to happen. I mean when I look at myself in the mirror and just in general, I feel so much better than I have for a long time and I am noticing the small weight loss and the changes in my eating habits. Instead of having too much, I am eating in moderation, which is something that I have never been able to do.

Overall, today has been a hugely successful day and huge step in the right direction for me taking control of my eating habits. However, resisting food once is easy, but maintaining this over multiple trips to the store is where the challenges really come to play. I definitely think switching to this more controlled diet has been a blessing because I can still eat the things I like, but overindulge in them, hence why even after 4 days I already look and feel much better.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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