04/01/2017 (Day 206: Completed Games And Musical Plans)

I decided that today should be the day that I sit down with a couple of games that I picked up during the Steam sale because I have quite the backlog of games to play through on my Steam account, some of which have been sitting there for about a year unplayed. This is something I am planning to get through this year because I hate having games in my possession and never playing them as I am the sort of person who can get too many games and stick to the games I have playing a lot. The other thing as well is that on my Steam account is that unlike when I first started out with Steam when I had nothing but free to play games, I have spent some money on a few games and if I don’t play them, then it is the equivalent of spending money on take away food and wasting it. I have about 50 games currently installed and it is a 50/50 split between free to play and purchased games, which I quite like because too much free to play might mean a few sub par games, although there are some amazing free to play games.

The game I sat down to play today from my Steam library was a game which I have heard a lot of praise aimed at is Limbo. I bought the game for really cheap in the Steam sale and when I booted the game up I was nervous because critically acclaimed games for me sometimes don’t mould well with me. However, Limbo is perhaps one of the best designed puzzle platformers I have ever played simple because everything that I saw from a random platform to levers had a purpose to solving puzzles. Sometimes finding the solution to the puzzles weren’t clear, but once I found the solution it felt really gratifying. I am about 60% of the way through the game and I am really looking forward to completing it tomorrow.

There was one game that I played today which I was able to complete because the game is pretty bad and really short and that is Karate Kid for the NES. I wanted to look at this game because I saw the Angry Video Game Nerd review the game a few years ago and I thought that perhaps might have some positive aspects to it potentially. There are actually a couple, but overall the game falls really flat in two ways. The first way is that the game is really difficult because the enemies don’t stop and the platforming is annoying. The other way is that the game is only 4 levels, meaning that the developers had an intension of making the game really short and it shows. The other aspect of the game that drew me to it was the fact it was published by LJN, who are notorious for publishing some of the most awful games for the NES.

The final thing I have been planning for the next couple of days to start work on at least one of the remixes that I have on my docket to make. I am not sure which one I will be working on first but I think the project that arise more recently might be a better idea because the remix would be more relevant to something that recently happened to the streamer. Then again, all of the remixes would represent something that happened to the streamers at some point, so I think for me it doesn’t actually matter what order the remixes come on in, as long as I get them done before I get overloaded with more remixes and my upcoming album.

Overall, today has been another day where there has been progress in quite a few departments. Also, yesterday and today I have been dieting because I want to lose plenty of weight this year and so far it is going quite well. I have resisted unnecessary food and started taking back control of my weight. There will be times where indulgence will happen, but I need to make sure I bounce back and reduce it in the future.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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