03/01/2017 (Day 205: Starting To Make Some Progress)

Today was a day where I decided to go through some of the games I listed and out aside to play for reviews. The first game I played was a game that sadly was on my list of games but now doesn’t make the cut because I found the game to be very boring and also quite repetitive. The game in question was Mappy for the Sega Game Gear and the reason why I am a little bit disappointed was because I was hoping that the game would have been the first game I covered for the Game Gear. I do think that there could be a few Game Gear exclusive games that could be reviewed, but I now need to go back to exploring the console’s library a little bit more. However, I consider this progress because it means that one of the games I put as a optional game for this month can now be bumped up to being played this month.

The way I organise what games I play is purely based upon what console I have the most and least games that I can review for, so that I can both introduce new consoles that I haven’t previously released any reviews of, alongside games from consoles which I have covered more extensively. What this will mean that there won’t be a series of reviews for consoles that I haven’t covered, meaning that I would need to do more research for and the sense of familiarity with consoles I have covered before is still there. The other thing that decides my choices is purely based upon I think realistically it will take me to play through the game. Obviously, I won’t play nothing but short games all the time because it will mean that all the reviews would be quite short in terms of length and later on down the line, there would be a serious balance issue between short and longer games. What I aim to do is that if there are a couple of games in a row that are shorter, more simpler games to review, then the next game or two will be games where more time was needed to play through the game and get a full feel of the game and the mechanics.

I have been playing today quite a bit of Terraria in preparation to eventually review it because it is a game I really enjoy playing, but have had some issues progressing due to my OCD nature and the fact if I die in the game, I reset completely. I have recently been able to break this habit because it has been affecting ability to play through games for reviews and I am really happy to have this bad habit broken.

Overall, today has been the day where I have been starting to make some progress, although one day of progress doesn’t make it a full blown success. I definitely want to keep this up because the longer I can maintain this progress, the better position I will be in. Also, it will help me with something that I have been meaning to work on and will work on quite a bit this year and that is my consistency.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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