02/01/2017 (Day 204: Analysing What Projects I Need To Do)

I mentioned yesterday that there are quite a lot of things that I want to achieve this year, however I have not put any timeframes into play in terms of when I want to achieve specific goals. This has been the reason why I have not been able to sit down, schedule and manage my projects for quite some time because I try and tackle all of the them at the same time, which of course is quite unrealistic considering the sheer amount of projects I want to work on.

To give an overview of the projects that I have to organise is, I have 3 musical remixes I would like to make, especially considering the fact that one of the remixes I have had on my radar since November. This remix is one I have really been looking forward to making for quite a while, but due to the amount of other things I was working on at the time, I simply didn’t have time to finish the project. This remix is perhaps my primary goal in terms of writing music because I don’t like having projects outstanding and unfinished considering the fact I said I would make it.

After that, I have 2 more remixes, which have arisen in the past few days because I have mentioned to the streamers in question I would make a new remix or in the other streamers case a sequel. One of the remixes came to light today because one of the streamers posted a hilarious highlight from their stream only last night, which almost had me crying with laughter. Once I saw the entirety of the highlight, I decided that a remix of it would be amazing, but also a chance for me to experiment with making drum patches from sound design.

The final thing I have music related is of course the fact I announced that I will be writing the entirety of my first professional album. At this point, I think that whether it will be an EP or an LP is simply not important because at the end of the day, the amount of compositions I am able to make will dictate this fact. The sort of style I will be writing will be quite different to my futuristic style of music and I will be aiming for a late 80’s house album with modern flairs and touches. I won’t go over the top with the 80’s themes and aim for a hybrid because I have noticed the rise of 80’s style synth music starting to have a resurgence, and as a huge fan of the genre, I feel I could do it justice. I have written an EP in the past, but I never published nor will I because I feel I can write even better music then when I was at university. The reason for this is due to the fact that the remixes has opened my eyes to new ways of producing music, almost a sense of perfection with all the elements of the music working together. I also think I can write much more complex pieces with more layers, meaning that the music will be much more interesting on the ear.

In terms of the reviews, I have quite a few that I need to get around to writing, although I won’t be forcing myself to writing these at set times because like music, there will be times where the pieces of my creativity won’t interlink and I will have times where I will be uninspired. Sometimes I also run into issues when I can’t explain something about the game effectively and may require me to play some of the game again to be able to give a more effective explanation.

These scenarios, when they arise mean that I will instead try something different like playing through a game I have never played before or build more synth patches. I would rather if I can’t write reviews or struggle with them try to work some of the music, so that even if one project isn’t getting worked on, at least my creativity will be working on something else. This is also where the remixes come into play, offering myself a different outlet for creativity, which then can lead to me getting inspired to then work on original music. All of these avenues will mean that most of the time I will be busy doing something rather than twiddling with my thumbs, not doing anything and then question where the time went.

Overall, all of these projects will not have set deadlines, but more ambitions for what I would ideally like to have them done. Putting restrictions on having specific things done by specific days will allow me to have more creative freedom over which projects I would like to work on. There will be days where none of the projects appeal to me, but then doing work on preparation for projects will then come into play.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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