01/01/2017 (Day 203: My New Year’s Resolutions)

When it struck midnight last night and it became 2017, I realised that I have quite a few New Year’s Resolutions that I want to keep to, as well as quite a few things in general that I want to achieve this year. In terms of Resolutions, there are quite a few different ones spanning a wide array of different aspects of my life where it will affect the fabric of who I am and how I look. These resolutions will also affect me as a person because it will entice me to work hard and stick to these resolutions. What are these mass amount of resolutions and achievement that I want to go for this year? I am really glad you asked.

The first resolution is quite an obvious one if you have been following the blog for quite a while and there is to lose weight, a substantial amount of weight. For a while I have been promising myself that I would look after myself and trim down because I was not happy with me as a person. However, every time I tried to get into the swing of losing weight, I would either get sidetracked or indulgence would arise. This year, I need to indulge less, exercise more and just don’t eat too much.

The second resolution is to not moan as much. I will admit, I can moan quite a bit about the smallest possible things and make them larger than they necessarily were in the first place.  So, this year I want to concentrate on being a more positive person because when I am a positive person, it makes me feel better and it makes for better blogs and much better content.

Speaking of the blog, I will be maintaining the Daily Blog and the Liam’s Game Room blogs because this has helped me a lot in the past few months to really get creative and also has improved my writing style. Believe me, when I look back at the way I wrote the first ever blog entry, I cringe so much because I know now that I can write with a more flowing and fluent style. Writing the reviews has also allowed me to get more experience writing more long form written content because apart from essays at university, I hardly wrote anything longer than a few hundred words and even that was seldom.

The second form of content I will be focused much more heavily on is the stream, which has recently been getting a visual makeover. I decided to move away from the 1980’s futuristic style because I felt it didn’t represent what the stream was about. It more showed up what my musical interests were, which stream viewers really don’t care about to be honest. If someone wants to watch me, then I want them to see the sort of games I play and the new look I am working on reflects this, as it will be mainly a Star Fox look to it. I also plan to try and stream at least once a week for 3 hours because my issue has been when I do stream, my casts most of the time don’t last much longer than 1 1/2 hours, which upon reflection might be my Twitch channel hasn’t grown. I will also post ahead of time what days I will be streaming on my Twitter and my Facebook because rather than a stream popping up out of nowhere and no one being made aware of it, at least I will have a schedule that will reflect my availability.

Speaking of Twitch growth, I have set myself quite an ambitious target for the amount of Twitch followers I would like by the end of the year. The target is 350 followers, which sounds quite daunting because it would mean my follower count going up by more than 50%, but I want to try and grow the stream to see where I can go with it. Even if I don’t hit 350 but I hit 300, I will still be happy because growth is growth at the end of the day, but I really think if I put the effort into my casts, then the numbers can grow with it.

The final form of content and the final resolution in general for me in 2017 is to continue writing the remixes, but also write the entirety of my first original album. The remixes in the second half of last year have given me the experience and the knowhow to finally feel ready to write my own music again, but the meticulous nature of the remixes will mean that I will have more of a keen eye for my own music. In terms of remixes, I already have 2 more remixes I can work on, with one of the projects being carried over from last year because I simply never got the chance to get the remix started.

Overall, 2017 has quite a lot of promise in store for me and all I need to do now is get down and dirty with the work and achieve these goals. Some of the goals will be difficult to achieve and some of them might not get reached at all, but all I can do is do my best and see the results. I hope you all are ready to take this ride with me through 2017 because believe me, the blogs this year will be longer, more in depth and have a lot more going on, which I think is the way it should be.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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