31/12/2016 (Day 202: The End of 2016)

Today was the final day I could indulge myself before the beginning of 2017 and boy next year will be a tough year because there are quite a lot of bad habits that at midnight will be broken and forgotten about hopefully. The reason why next year will be tough is because some of the habits I am planning to break I have had for quite a long time and breaking the habits all together will be quite a difficult challenge. However, the thing I will be doing differently in 2017 to deal with these bad habits is instead of me thinking let’s try and go the entire year without for example, buying too much food and binge eating, I will be taking one day at a time because if I think of it as 360 days to go, 355 days to go etc, it will make breaking these habits harder. Also, the fact that if I break these bad habits I will lose weight and it will help me feel more confident in my body, then that should be enough incentive to break these habits and replace them with better, more positive habits. 2017 I want to be the year where my life gets even better in terms of my health and just me as a person because I can be really negative, not from next year. I will be aiming for a positive outlook to everything, even when things go wrong, I will see the positive things from these negative experiences.

Overall, 2016 has been the year where things have changed, but 2o17 will be about changing the entirety of my life for the better and making myself a healthier and more positive person.

Have an awesome New Year’s Eve everyone and I will see you all in 2017.



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