30/12/2016 (Day 201: Unwinding and Reflecting On 2016)

Today was a day where I was deep in thought and I decided to explore what things I undertook this year, as well as just in general what I was or wasn’t able to achieve. 2016 seems to be the year where quite a lot of different things happened and for the most part these things turned to be quite positive. The first main positive was the fact that I had the bravery to start writing this daily blog, which believe it in the first few days I was concerned and not sure what I had got myself into. Sharing my life on the internet was something that I initially felt uncomfortable because I was worried that I was going to be judged on the sort of person I am, which is predominantly a geek at heart.

The reception to the daily blog was initially somewhat quiet to begin with, which is normal considering the fact that it was something new I had not done before but something which quite a few people normally do in video form. However, as the year has progressed, the attention the blog started to receive skyrocketed and now is quite a successful series, which exceeded anything I thought I could achieve.The reason I decided to not do the blog as a video log format was because I am not good in front of a camera and sometimes I struggle to explain certain things. In written form, it is the complete opposite where I can be much more articulate and expressive with my thoughts. Also, I would have had to carry a camera around with me, which with some places not allowing people to video record meant that there would have been a lack of footage.

The other thing website based was the video game reviews or Liam’s Game Room as I coined it. I will be honest, I don’t know where the concept for the name came from, all I know about the name is that it has stuck. The reception to the reviews has been really positive and I haven’t had any criticisms to my writing style for those reviews, which is good because sometimes I do struggle to write longer form written content. Although, now that I have 25 reviews under my belt, I definitely feel more experienced and more qualified to reviews games with at least some sort of standing.

The next thing I was able to achieve this year was the idea that I show my thrifting pickups in a vlog style, which was something I got inspired to do from Lazy Game Review’s series called LGR Thrifts. I have actually had a thrift photo I took of the thrift I got from November shown in an Thrifts episode, which blew me away and then it was at that point I decided to record me showing what I picked up from thrifting. The main reason I did this was because my Youtube channel didn’t have any exclusive videos or content that wasn’t already on my Twitch channel. Normally, when I highlight a video on Twitch, I export that video onto Youtube, which allows for the VOD to be viewed at a higher quality than Twitch VODs, but in November when I realised that I had 1 year worth of Twitch highlights and nothing else for people to come to my Youtube channel apart from non-twitch followers.

This decision to show my video game pickups ended up being a successful idea that has lead on to me having 2 of my most popular videos. The amount of views that these videos have got obviously in terms of Youtube fame and such is meagre, but at the end of the day I don’t aim for the millions and hundreds of thousands of views because it is too unrealistic. This series of videos will definitely continue into the New Year and I will maintain the concept of having 1 thrift pickup video per month as I don’t want to over dilute the formula for the series or for the series to lose stream due to me trying too hard to make these videos.

The next awesome thing that happened was the fact that I made an overdue return to writing music, although more specifically remixes of Twitch streamers. The first remix I did 6 months, I decided to do after being challenged to make it. Initially, I was quite nervous as I hadn’t touched music writing software or music as a hobby for about a year, however I thought that it could be a way to shift some of my musical rust and maybe get back into writing original music at some point in the future.

I ended up making 5 remixes in the space of 6 months for 3 different Twitch streamers, which is definitely not bad going and one of the remixes ended up a streamer’s Christmas present. The quality of most of the remix have been of a good quality, although some of the remixes were thinner in texture, as in these remixes I aim for both a professional sound with an element of comedy coming from the sounds that I captured of the streamer. I definitely want to make more of these next year and hopefully this will inspire to potentially even start work on my first EP of original music because I have wanted to release an EP for nearly 2 years, but whenever I get started with an idea or concept, I tend to struggle with expanding and embellishing the ideas further.

The final amazing thing that happened this year was the fact that my Twitch channel hit 200 followers, which stuns me because I haven’t been able to stream anywhere near as often as I would have liked, but the viewers continue to visit my channel and hang out. I have already started work in the past few days in terms of making my stream look even more professional because I will be aiming to stream at least once a week and stick to it, as well as making sure that the casts I do are about 2 1/2 to 3 hours rather than the shorter casts because I want to make sure I make the most of each stream. The look of the new overlays are awesome and I have had some people say that the new look is much more professional and most importantly clean.

Overall, 2016 has been one hell of a year with so many aspects of my life changing for the better, as well as some new hobbies arising where I never thought that there was a hobby there. Most importantly, none of these things I mentioned in today’s blog would have been possible with the support of the readers of this blog, the viewers of my stream and Youtube and my friends being there to give me advice whenever I felt like I have lost direction. I hope that this positivity continues into 2017 and more amazing things happen to me.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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