28/12/2016 (Day 199: A Day Of Preparation For 2017)

So I spent today doing some preparation in terms of laying out my plans for things I wish to achieve in 2017. It might seem like I am thinking quite a way ahead by always planning 2017, but I would rather go into next year with a set of goals that I wish to achieve so that I can at least indulge whilst I can before this goals come into play. One of the key goals that I have set out which I wanted to do this year but went awry is to lose weight and lose some serious amounts of weight. Believe me, I have been too large for too long now and 2017 will be the year where this trend for me a extra large person ends.

The next goal is to grow both the stream and the blog because these two things I have gained quite a lot of passion for this year. I definitely think that some more work on the look of the information about the stream is needed because currently it has the old look to it and an upgrade to it is required to continue to make the stream look professional. The blog I am happy with how much it has grown this year because I started out with nothing and I never expected it to gain any sort of traction. It initially started out as a 100 day challenge to show that I can keep up a diary of sorts, but also show myself that I can do it if I both remember and try. The game reviews have also done relatively well, but because it is more specialist compared to the daily blog, so I know that the amount of attention it gets is less normally.

The final goal is continue writing the remix that I have been making in the last 6 months, but also start work on some original pieces of music because that is what I used to do when I studied at university. It has been 18 months since I wrote an original piece of music and the main reason I did the remixes was to get back to grips with the music writing software and also get into the flow of music structure. I think I can write, produce and publish the entirety of my first album in 2017 because it has been long overdue for me to actually start flexing my ability to write original material. However, this doesn’t mean that it is the end of the remixes because I will continue to make remixes of streamers because I have a lot of fun making music out of voice and audio samples.

Overall, 2o17 has a lot of prospects for me, but I need to get mentality prepared for just how busy of a year it will be. I just think that I will be striking a balance between my original music, which will take a while and the remixes, as well as writing reviews and streaming. Also, I am planning to make sure that I stream at least once a week if not more because I know everyone has been wondering if streaming will be affected by 2017 and no it won’t I promise. If it gets affected, it will be more positive, as if I can I will try to stream more often and try to build a community.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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