27/12/2016 (Day 198: Upgrading The Stream And Metroids)

Today I have spent quite a bit of the day working on some new stream overlays and graphics because I am looking to grow the stream and make it look more professional in 2017. I started off by making the pre stream and main stream overlays for Star Fox 2 because it will be one of my main games in 2017 because I want to try and beat my world record times I have set. I also want to learn Any% Expert, which is the only category I have not set a time or routed yet because of how difficult it is to finish runs, but I want to at least get a decent time in the category. I am hoping that I can make Star Fox 2 my main game because it is a game that I have become somewhat well known for running, but I have been away from the game for quite a while. What I will need to do is derust the game quite heavily in both Any% Hard and Any% Normal because if I got straight into runs on stream, then the times might not be as good as they should be. However, on the other hand the derust runs will get me back into the swing of completing runs and getting consistent in case I have to run the game for marathons.

The other thing that I decided to do was to play Metroid for the NES and I was moderately enjoying the game, but I was struggling with the controls. However, I then decided to play Metroid Zero Mission, which is a remake of the original Metroid made for the Game Boy Advance to see if the game controlled better and I was in for a big shock. The GBA version was so much better and it much better suited the faster paced gameplay and the just the framerate being much quicker. I felt so much more in control of the main character and I could do so many more things and the changes compared to the original are perfect, which helps the game feel more modern and more timeless.

Overall, today has been quite a productive day and it was a needed day of work because I have been slacking due to the Christmas period. Now that I have had some time away from reviews, streaming and other things, I got to get back to working hard on these projects otherwise I will fall behind again and that would not be preferable.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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