26/12/2016 (Day 197: Unboxing The Last Of Presents, On Boxing Day)

Today was spent with the rest of my family opening the last of the Christmas presents that we sadly didn’t get chance to open because my sister normally visits on Boxing Day. This was also a chance to open some of the presents that I would have received yesterday, but sometimes presents get mixed up and then Boxing Day is normally the day where the mixed up gifts get organised and sent to the correct places. It happens every year, but it is always a welcome surprise to find out that there were even more presents for everyone.

I normally go into Boxing Day trying to organise all of my presents that I got, but because quite a lot of it was geek clothing and some other things, I haven’t had to do as much reorganising of my room as I normally would. The main thing I did with my presents today was hang up a lot of the new clothes on hangers because I would rather not have lots of new clothes on the floor mixing in with a wide miscellany of different things like chocolates and shoes. I think I must have got about 5 or 6 different geek shirts for Christmas and I decided that there were quite a few shirts I didn’t wear anymore and the new shirts, which I will be wearing will replace these older shirts. I will still be looking for more geek shirts because at the end of the day it will represent who I am a lot more than my old shirts did.

Overall, I am really happy with all of the presents I got and I think that these new shirts will show off who I am a lot more. It will add some more personality to me because I will feel myself a little more and show my interests on my sleeve and show them with pride rather than hiding them.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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