25/12/2016 (Day 196: An Awesome Christmas)

Christmas this year has been nothing short of fantastic because I got so many amazing presents from everyone this year and also an idea I had for a present that someone did not ask for actually ended up being a good idea. I got some presents that I didn’t even ask for that ended up being awesome and really helpful like 2 brand new sets of trainers, which I have needed for a while due to the fact that my other trainers have been falling apart recently. I think that one of the best presents that I got was a new 16 megapixel camera because before Christmas I had started to get interested in photography and I would normally take photos on the way to and from work using my camera on my phone which has a decent quality camera. However, I wanted to get a better camera that would be of a higher quality because it can be a pain to have to keep getting my phone out.

My camera on my phone has a issue then when I am moving or in a moving vehicle, it would blur the image, which means that it would end up blurring and potentially ruin the image. There is also an issue with the flash that can actually end up making things darker depending on when the camera takes the photo or when the flash goes off. However, I think that this new camera I should not have any of the issues I mentioned because the quality of the camera is amazing.

Overall, this Christmas has been awesome and if I were to list off all of the things I got for Christmas, then I would be writing today’s blog for quite some while, but rest assured that this was the best Christmas ever.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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