24/12/2016 (Day 195: Merry Christmas Everyone)

I know that I am saying this a day early but I want to wish everyone who has been reading this blog throughout the past few weeks and months a very Merry Christmas. The reason why I am wishing you all a Merry Christmas early is because if I wish you all it in tomorrow’s blog then Christmas Day would have almost been over. I seriously can not thank you all for the support and also the wonderful comments because you all are the reason why I have continued the blog as long as I have.

I will be honest, I was only aiming for the blog to go for around 1o0 days as a way to prove to myself that I can maintain and keep something going with a routine. However, the popularity and the huge amount I have been supporting from everyone has incentivised me to continue the blog and the reviews. I can safely say that the blog and the weekly reviews are definitely here to stay, but Liam’s Game Room will be expanding to some games that are not retro games. I will also be reviewing some games that aren’t on console, but games that have been released on Mac/PC because I think it will help add some more variety to the series of reviews.

Overall, I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and I hope that you get the Christmas presents that you asked for.

Have a wonderful Christmas Day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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