21/12/2016 (Day 192: Remix Is Complete, 3 Days Ahead Of Schedule)

I mentioned yesterday that the remix I have been making for a Twitch streamer as a Christmas, I was planning to have mixed, mastered and completed by Friday or Saturday. Well, this evening I managed to get my head down and focus, which means that the remix is complete, 3 days ahead of schedule. I think the thing that really helped me out throughout the creative process is that I made sure that as I developed the track, I make sure that I mastered each individual audio channel whilst make sure the master track did not peak whatsoever. The reason why I did this was because at the end of the composition stage, I would have to make sure that each track was mastered anyway, but doing this as I go saved some time at the end.

This remix was quite a lot of fun to make because of the fact that there was zero expectation that anything would come of it due to the uncertainty that the streamer ahead about how good the remix would come out. I definitely think that this remix took quite a lot more work compared to previous remixes due to the fact that the tempo was already preset and there was no way of composing to another tempo. This restriction actually helped me because otherwise I would have had some issues establishing a tempo that would work with the feel of the audio, like I had to do with the other remixes. I think I might publish it tomorrow, but I want to go back to it tomorrow to 2nd master it to make sure that I haven’t messed anything up. The reason for the 2nd master is because if I trusted the first master and considering that I have been somewhat tired out lately, I want to make sure that my judgement of the master is as good as can be.

Overall, I am really happy with how the remix came out and I think the person I remixed it for will really like it. I think all of the remixes I have made this year apart from one, I am really proud of the progress and the quality of the remixes I have been making. I am planning to release a full album of original music in 2017.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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