20/12/2016 (Day 191: Remix Is Ahead Of Schedule)

The main goal that I set myself tonight what to try and play some catch up on the remix that I sadly didn’t have any time to work on last night because of the fact that I had a pounding headache. I will say because of this headache I had that I ended up being asleep by about 11pm which is actually really for me even on a work night. I am so glad that I slept for as long as I did because I really needed and felt better for a really good night sleep as my energy levels definitely have benefited from it. I think I will try and get something similar to that tonight because it definitely will benefit me in terms of recuperation and also in terms of helping my concentration stay higher.

The progress with the remix today has been absolutely fantastic because I was able to get the tempo fully organised as well as the main hook lines. There are currently 3 hook lines which can act as different verses and or maybe one of them can be used at the chorus. I am planning for the remix to come in at about 2 minutes because the problem is I have made remixes that last 3 minutes and the issue is that the remix might sound repetitive after a while. Also, instead of repeating some sections later on in the mix unless I am crescendoing to the end of the remix, then it might feel like the remix would become cut and paste and I want to make sure that I express all the possible areas.

Overall, I am glad to be ahead of the remix and it means that the remix could be done as early as Thursday/Friday and this would be amazing because it would allow me to shift to reviews for the rest of the year.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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