17/12/2016 (Day 188: Awesome Day Chilling With Friends)

Today after finishing writing the review that I published, I decided to join a few of my speedrunning friends for a race of a game that we have never played and we try and complete it as fast as we can. However, for this race it was open for anyone of any skill level to join and race, which means that the world record holder even joined in and he of course won the race. Racing with some friends and other speedrunners was really enjoyable and definitely might do some more of these races in the future as it will open my eyes to new games to try.

The game that we raced was a Game Boy game called Donkey Kong 94 and I was purely expecting the game to be a one for one port of the original Donkey Kong arcade game from the 80’s. The first stage was in fact that this, but instead of the game looping over and over again, after completing the original game, the game then opens up to be a puzzle platforming game. I was really surprising by how much I enjoyed the game even though at times the game was quite frustrating. The puzzles throughout the worlds that I played were at times extremely clever and made great use of different mechanics, as well as showing me how the mechanics were used through short cutscenes every 4 stages. What this meant is that I didn’t have to read on how to use this new mechanics, rather than the game giving me a wall of text and not really a tutorial. The game has a lot of depth in terms of the mechanics and I definitely think I will be reviewing the game because it has a lot going for it.

Overall, today was quite a relaxing day where I was able to play quite a few games with friends as well as some other games that were for reviews. I am really glad that I had a lot of fun with these games because I am always looking forward to playing some more games simply due to the fact that there is no end to the variety of games on offer that I could play.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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