16/12/2016 (Day 187: Digging Holes In Terraria)

Today I decided that was a good idea to revisit a game that I haven’t played for over a year and the main reason why I returned to this game is because since I last played it, there have been quite a few overhauls and updates to the game. The game I am talking is of course Terraria (which was in the title) and I am really happy I did because since I last played it, the game has become even better. For those who don’t know, Terraria is a 2D retro inspired sandbox game where you got on quests to defeat all the bosses, as well as build a series of houses to house your character and NPCs, who help the player on their quest.

The game has been compared quite a bit to Minecraft, which of course set the standard for sandbox games and had lead to a wide array of different titles that are either inspired by or flat out copy Minecraft’s styles or mechanics and Terraria has been compared this way. I consider this comparison to be quite unfair because Terraria is a survival sandbox game, but sandbox games as a genre have been around for quite some time, especially considering that games like the Sims and SimCity are also considered to have both sandbox elements, but where the player doesn’t have to grind resources. Terraria I find to be a lot more enjoyable than Minecraft simply because I feel that there is quite a lot more to explore in the maps in Terraria because of the fact it is 2D, which allows the maps to be really quite large. Terraria for the record will potentially be the first PC game that I will review in Liam’s Game Room because even though there isn’t any story, the game has a wide array of different mechanics and figurations that mean that there will be quite a lot to explain and explore.

Overall, I can see why I really liked Terraria to begin with, but I can’t understand why I haven’t returned to the game any sooner because the game is seriously a lot of fun and a game I recommend whole heartedly.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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