14/12/2016 (Day 185: I Have Made Some Progress!!!)

On the way home from work, I got caught up quite badly in traffic because in my town we have late night shopping on Wednesday, which really snarls up the traffic getting into the town centre. I have to travel through the centre of my town to get home because it is the route that the bus I get home takes and means that I tend to hit rush hour traffic quite often. The thing I decided to do was whilst I waiting in heavy traffic on the bus waiting for the traffic in front to finally move, was to actually get started on writing the upcoming review for this Saturday. This make me realise that if I am sensible and alert enough, then I could write some of the reviews both on the way to and from work because I can just focus on what I am writing the reviews and not get distracted. I mean I normally just read the newspaper on the bus anyway, so at least writing the reviews means I would be being proactive and progressing towards getting the reviews completed.

The second huge bit of progress is the fact that I have found and clipped some more audio that I can use for a remix I have been working on for a friend. The funniest thing about this remix is the fact that she said that she thought that I would find it difficult to remix her. However, my mentality when it comes to someone saying that they would not make for a good remix is that I instead think about the ways that I can remix them and also think of tempos that would work best with the audio samples. Also the fact that the stream that she did today she did a lot of singing will definitely help with creating some of the elements of the remix.

Overall, I am really to say “I HAVE MADE SOME PROGRESS!!!” because it has been quite a while since I have to be able to say that, but also I have a chance to start building a lead on the reviews. I definitely think that the quicker I build the lead, the better off I will be and the more games I can play for the second round of reviews.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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