13/12/2016 (Day 184: I Have A Lot More Work To Do Than I Expected)

I spent this evening organising all of the projects and reviews that I have either been working on or finished and I have already completed. It is at this point that I realised that in the next few weeks I will be working on 22 projects, everything from playing through some games and reviewing the last of the first wave of reviews, which will begin to shape the second wave of games to be reviewed. I also have 2 remixes that I have been working on or just getting started with for different Twitch streamers that I spoke to and that they gave me permission to remix. For one of the remixes I have all the audio clips I need and I just need to extract the samples required to create the remix, which I am really looking to making and getting done.

The other remix is a new remix that I mentioned in a streamer’s chat about a couple of days ago and it is was only because she mentioned for a playthrough of a game she had just finished she would be making a compilation. I jokingly said ” I could remix the compilation into a song” and then the gauntlet was laid out for me and I had another remix to make, which I am looking forward to.

I am a little bit concerned by the sheer amount of different projects that either need work or I need to begin because I think that the backlog has been building for a decent period of time. My plan is that I know that I have a lot to do, but instead of jumping between projects and only making small progress across everything, I am planning to focus on one thing at the time so that that project garners my full attention. It will be quite a challenge to get all of these projects done before the new year but I will see how close I can get to achieving this projects as a deadline.

Overall, I know I have to work hard in the remaining days of 2016 because these projects are just waiting to be completed and if I don’t complete them, then it would be delayed for longer and longer, which would make completing them even harder.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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