12/12/2016 (Day 183: Trying New Games And Writing New Reviews)

Tonight was the night where I decided to organise my Playstation 2 collection into alphabetical order because I had been running into the issue where I didn’t know what games I owned and started buying duplicates. I used to be quite the reseller back in the day but I decided that I shouldn’t be buying games from thrift store purely to resell unless the game is quite rare and I don’t want the game to go to waste. I am not sure why I used to buy games to try and make some profit because my problem was that I used to buy really common games and also PC games. PC games in the UK don’t sell at all especially not physical discs, so I decided to buy games purely to play and collect because obviously now I write the reviews.

I then counted how many games I have for my PS2 in my collection and I have nearly 100 games, which might sound like a lot but considering that there are over 2800 titles in the PS2 library, it pales in comparison to how many games there actually is for the console. I have no intention of trying to buy every game because I simply will not be able to obtain the Japanese and American exclusive games and also I have no interest in doing it as I am a collector, not a hoarder.

I have also been scheduling all the reviews that needed to be written because there is a quite a new reviews that need to be written before Christmas. I am planning to get at least 2 or 3 reviews written this week so that it will mean that the rest of the reviews for 2016 will be completed because I want to spend Christmas relaxing with the family. I am planning that Christmas Day will be purely relaxing and won’t be worrying about the reviews, apart from the Daily Blog which there will be one.

Overall, I have a good day and I am really happy that my gaming collection is getting organised because I don’t want 10 copies of the same game in my collection as there is where the line between collecting and hoarding could be crossed.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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