11/12/2016 (Day 182: Two Busy Weeks Until Christmas And Tabletop Simulator)

Today was the final day of preparing for what will be quite a busy and in some ways a vital weeks of work for the reviews because this will be one of the best chances I will have to get caught up due to the fact that from Christmas Day until New Years Day I will not be writing any reviews. So that means I will need to be at least one week ahead on reviews to be able to relax and enjoy Christmas, otherwise I might end up having to work Christmas Day on the reviews which I will be honest wouldn’t be ideal, although I might still do work on the reviews on Christmas anyway. My thing is that I would rather be quite a long way ahead then a little bit ahead, which is why I am focused on building the biggest backlog possible. The other element that is currently in play is that once this wave of reviews is done up to review 35, I have no other games that I would feel ready to review, so I am planning to get those reviews done now and then treat the games I play over Christmas, New Year and beyond as the next wave of reviews because I don’t want to burn out on writing reviews. I will at some point need some time to recharge the batteries and I think at least a few weeks away will allow some of those creative juices to return and recuperate.

Speaking of games for review, I think I might have found a game that was released quite recently that I really want to review called Tabletop Simulator. I was kindly gifted the game a couple of days ago and played a game of Dominion with some friends and the game is extremely well done. Now growing up or in general I haven’t played that many tabletop games, but Tabletop Simulator is really accessible and the community around it is welcoming and just plain awesome, which is hard to come by. I will need to play some more games within Tabletop Simulator, but so far it is a great game which I want to play more off.

Overall, I know that there is a lot of work for me to do in the next couple of weeks and focusing on it is absolutely vital because if I don’t, then some review deadlines will be missed and I don’t want to miss them.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.


P.S Today marks half a year since starting the blog so thanks for the support and next landmark is the 1 year mark.


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