10/12/2016 (Day 181: What An Amazing Thrifting Adventure)

Today was the day that I decided to go thrifting for the final time this year because I had a feeling that if I had of gone thrifting any closer to Christmas it would have been almost impossible to get into town. I am really glad that I went thrifting today because I was able to get what can only be described as my largest ever haul totalling 26 games, which is actually a thrifting record. Unsurprisingly, almost all of the games I ended up getting were PS2 games, but there was only lonely PS1 game that I managed to get, which was developed by Midas Touch.

I have a strange affinity with any game made or developed by Midas Touch because all the games I have tried that were either made or developed by game has been so bad that they were completely unplayable or ridiculously boring. However, I learnt today that they published Dynasty Warriors 2 here in the UK, which is actually a game that quite well known for being good, so not all help is lost with perhaps finding that they were involved with being good. I am a bit of a sucker for bad games, but I don’t buy games simply because they might suck, but more games that are unbelievably bad. I am not sure why I do this but it could be because speedrunning has opened my eyes that sometimes bad games can get a new lease of life through speedrunning and actually can become enjoyable. I know of a quite a few speedrunners that have taken games which are so bad that most gamers would think that the person is completely crazy to have even thought of a way to make the game playable, but the amount of bad games that are either fun to play or watch is astonishing.

Overall, I am really happy that the final thrift of 2016 went so well and I am looking forward to seeing what games I can obtain in 2017 through thrifting. Although, to be completely honest 2016 in terms of thrifting and adding to my gaming collection will take quite a lot of beating.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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