09/12/2016 (Day 180: Preparing For A Weekend Of Reviews and New Thrifting Video Tomorrow)

Now that the good week of work is now behind me and completed, the thing I have not been working on very much over the past few days is the writing of the game reviews. I am not sure why this week me and the reviews haven’t really got along because normally I have been quite motivated to get stuck in to writing the reviews, but I am not sure why things haven’t been clicking in the department. I think for me lately, I have been much more about playing a lot of different games and trying out some titles that perhaps I have never tried, rather than writing the reviews of the games that I have played enough and got enough knowledge to cover. I think my problem is that I have too many games to play right now and I have not been trimming the games down to just a few that I sit down and complete. Instead, I have been like a young child with all my games, I just want to play them all and try them all out, which means I swap out which games I am playing quite often and it is a bad habit. What this also caused is the fact that I have been leaning away from NES, SNES and Genesis games and more playing Playstation and Playstation 2 games, which I need to start varying a bit more, as I know you are fans of both my retro reviews, but are also intrigued by the more modern titles that I cover in Liam’s Game Room. So, regaining that balance between playing games and reviewing games need to be struck otherwise I will have lots of games to review, but weeks and weeks without a single review getting published.

Tomorrow is a day I am really looking forward to because I will be going thrifting in my town and see what games I can find. The response to my November Pick Ups video was far and beyond what I was expecting in terms of likes, comments and reviews because I was worried due to the fact that gaming pick up videos have been done quite often on Youtube, especially with thrifting, which Lazy Game Reviews is one of the most well known personalities who does thrifting.

Speaking of Lazy Game Reviews, the photos I took from my November thrift ended up being used by LGR himself in the “viewer finds” section of LGR Thrifts #30, which made me feel really happy and a bit giddy. I felt giddy because there was an element that I contributed to the video, even though the photo of my finds was only on the screen for about a second. There is an element of anonymous fame, where I feel famous but no one knows who I am.

Overall, this week has been a huge step forward in terms of me getting back to full fitness, as well as just starting to feel better about myself. I also am looking forward to see what games I get thrifting tomorrow, although I need to be careful that I don’t buy games that I have asked for Christmas.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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