08/12/2016 (Day 179: New Role At Work)

Today I learnt after quite some time after recently being brought down to help out in the role that I did when I started way back when in April because my experience was considered valuable, I learnt I will be moving back to doing clinics but doing different clinics instead. I am quite looking forward to the challenge of going back up to doing clinics because instead of having the whole day to do the work, I will have instead the entirety of the morning to do the clinics and then I would be helping out everyone else out. I actually prefer this set up because this will mean rather than me just concentrating on what I will be doing, it will make more useful to everyone within my department and it will make me feel more like I am part of the fabric of the department. I feel that way currently, but this new role setup will mean that those previous points are much more emphasised. However, this new role setup won’t be coming into play until the new year, which means that I will have something quite big and important to work towards and also prepare for.

This will mean that I will be able to continue to work on improving my fitness, as this new role will mean plenty of walking which I quite enjoy. But, I definitely think that my more positive mood lately will only help me even more towards this new role and also maybe fulfilling my full potential and unlocking skills that I may have either overlooked or not known I had.

Overall, there is plenty to be looking forward to relation to my job, but instead of thinking too far ahead myself I need to continue to take things day by day, otherwise this might end up warping my priorities.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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