06/12/2016 (Day 177: Starting To Feel Good And Hospital Radio)

Today went relatively well at work and I am starting to feel good about it because I have been able to sort out a couple of issues I have had recently that have been denting my confidence. The most important thing that has been fixed is that the strength and stamina in my injured foot has been returning although I am quite a decent distance from feeling that it 100% back, but I still being somewhat wary about how long it can take before it fully returns. As someone who has suffered quite a few sprained ankles in the past, I know how long it can take for the injuries to fully heal and the most important thing is that I don’t agitate the foot and make sure that I keep things as normal as possible without straining it even more. The most important thing that I need to do is make sure that when I get home from work, to just take it easy and rest the foot as much as possible so that I don’t run into any potential issues with cramp or relapse of injury.

Straight after work, I went to Hospital Radio as tonight was the first chance in quite a while to do tech work in terms of making sure that everything runs smoothly in terms of the mixing desk. This went extremely well because I didn’t make any mistakes whatsoever and even fixed a issue with some microphone levels that arose in the middle of the show, which I am proud of because normally I don’t have the confident to sort out these issues.

Overall, today has been a day where I have taken a small step in the right direction because recently it has felt like I have taken some back steps, which has affected me. I hope this is the beginning of me returning to the confidence levels of old.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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