05/12/2016 (Day 176: Christmas Video Games)

Now that it is only 3 weeks until Christmas, it got me thinking about how many different Christmas themed video games were released over the previous years and whether any of the games are any good. This coincided with the fact that a Youtuber I watch quite often recently posted a review of a Christmas themed game, and also the fact that for the past few Christmases he has done special Christmas reviews. The Youtuber I am talking about is one of my favourite reviewer Lazy Game Reviews, who has been doing mainly PC reviews, as well as retro games for nearly 10 years and how I found him is quite an interesting story.

I am quite the fan of Youtube Poops, which are remix videos that take one or multiple videos from one source or multiple sources and remixes the original audio to make person in the video say something completely different. There is quite the wide variety of Youtube Poops with everything from Star Trek to Family Feud and the main majority of Youtube Poops end up being too offensive for me or I just don’t find the content of the remix to be different enough from the original. Lazy Game Reviews I first found out about after flicking through quite a few next videos whilst watching these Youtube Poops and the YTP for short I saw eventually was of course LGR himself. Most of the time with Youtube Poop sources, I tend to not check out the original sources of the poop because it just ends up me having a enjoyable watching Youtube Poops from multiple sources, but Lazy Game Reviews for some reason I ended up checking out a few of his Sims 3 and then I watched some of his Thrifts series. Initially, I subscribed to LGR for the Thrifts series because I go thrifting myself here, but I then checked out the other series of videos he makes and I became instantly hooked.

The reason I mention this quite funny backstory is because I have been watching quite a few of his Christmas themed reviews of Elf Bowling and also Christmas Shopper Simulator. This made me realise that there are quite a few Christmas themed video games, however there are not too many of these Christmas themed games that are or were released for consoles and are more commonplace on PC. I think this might be because the interest for a home console release of Christmas games is slow and is considered more of a niche genre than other genres. Also, these games can only be played during a short period of the year, so a $60/£50 AAA Christmas game would not make much sense to either develop or to be able to sell for a profit on home consoles. Although, there were quite a few classic Christmas games released during the 80’s and early 90’s on, these were mostly unlicensed, low budget titles looking to make a quick buck from the season.

Overall, today was quite the interesting realisation that Christmas themed video games exist quite a bit more than I expected, but the only reason I never noticed them was because I haven’t been much a PC gamer, where most of these games were developed for. I definitely might check out some of these Christmas themed games because some of them look quite fascinating or look so bad they look good.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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