03/12/2016 (Day 174: Went Out With Work Friends)

So tonight I went out with the department that I work with and we went to a local restaurant to have a Christmas meal because it is the start of December and this Saturday was the closest date we could get to Christmas. I am really glad that I signed up to join my work colleagues on the meal because I was quite worried that I would be nervous and conversations were going to be difficult, however this is pretty far away from what actually happened. I felt like I was part of the department as a whole rather than just a member of a small team and I felt really wanted as a part of the entire team, which really humbled me. Considering my disabilities, being accepted as part of a team is something that I strive to do because it can be difficult for me to feel like I am part of a unit as there is something that stops me or someone who stops me and blocks me. Tonight was an eye opener because it made me realise that when everyone in my department comes together we are more of a family than a set of friends.

Overall, tonight was fantastic and hanging out with everyone and it was really enjoyable talking about a huge variety of different topics. I really would love to do this again because it allowed me to let my hair down and really be myself in an non work environment with my work friends.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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