01/12/2016 (Day 172: Rebuilding My Strength And Confidence)

Since my picked up my injury in my foot last week, I have noticed that my confidence in general has been somewhat lower than it was because I have been quite nervous about really opening up and increasing my overall work speed. The issue is that before the injury, I really felt like I was starting to get somewhere because my overall morale and my confidence and self belief in what I could do since then has kind of fallen apart, which sucks as it took me quite a while to build and solidify confidence. Then again, things like this go in swings and roundabouts and of course, my confidence won’t always be high, but the thing I need to do is bounce back and rebuild my strength and my confidence.

The thing I noticed today was that if I was feeling negative, it would rub off on my work colleagues, which really opened my eyes and it made me more aware on how my feelings and confidence can affect my colleagues around me. The only reason why I have been feeling a bit down and negative is because I have been letting the perfectionistic side of me take control, meaning that I am not satisfied until everything that can be done is done without mistake. However, since I swapped from the role I used to which was clinics onto ad-hoc requests, I feel like I have had some issues prioritising different aspects of the new role, but this is because it has been quite a few months since I did the role I am doing now. I think it will just take some time to readapt to doing this role and the prioritising issues will fade with time once I am fully used to it again.

Also, I need to make sure that I continue to rebuild the strength in my foot but more importantly my stamina. The thing that my injury has taught me is that whilst my fitness is pretty good, but my overall stamina in terms of feet and my legs is nowhere as good as it should be. The best way to go about this is by starting to push a little bit harder every few days, therefore meaning that I can see how much further I can push myself without overdoing it to the point of picking up more unnecessary injuries.

Overall, these past few days have taught me quite a few things about myself in terms of what I am capable of both at work and in terms of general fitness. It has also taught me about how quick I am in terms of recovering from injury, as well as how to manage an injury effectively. I think I need to learn how to bounce back from a confidence hit because my problem is that confidence can recover, but when my confidence drops I have a tendency to start crumbling, which I want to learn to control better.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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