30/11/2016 (Day 171: I Am Back To Full Fitness)

To continue the theme that seems to be becoming quite apparent this week being the progress of my injured foot and ankle, today will mark the end of the story because the injury is pretty much gone at this point. I have been able to get back up to full speed today in terms of my stamina and how quickly I can walk because my problem with my foot has been the fact that the speed that I could walk has been affected to the point where my top speed has been lower. Today started out with some pain in my foot, which was somewhat predictable because I wasn’t expecting initially for my foot to be anywhere near healed and I decided to accommodate by controlling my speed, so that I could still work as hard as I could without putting the injury at risk. Towards lunchtime was when I noticed that my foot was starting to not hurt anywhere near as much, which considering the fact that I walked a lot more than I did yesterday was somewhat unusual because when I walk further on an injury, it normally gets worse to the point of unbearable.

The afternoon went really well and I covered quite a lot of walking distance, which I was really starting to worry about because before I start to feel fatigued lately my foot would become injured before I could reach the point of feeling quite tired. However, my foot really held up well and it was in fact my general stamina that actually suffered more than my injury, which was actually surprising as it shows that my strength in the injured foot has pretty much recovered.

So overall, I am really happy to be back to almost full fitness because it has been annoying me for the past week and a bit, but to have the injury pretty much rectified is a really good feeling.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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