29/11/2016 (Day 170: Almost Fully Recovered)

Today was quite the interesting test of my injury because I was starting to feel like the strength in the ankle and foot muscle was starting to feel somewhat stronger and I was asked to do quite a few things, which required me to do a lot of walking. Initially, when I was asked to do these things, inside I was worried that my ankle and foot would end up acting up to the point where I could be back to limping around, which was something that I wouldn’t want to return to. However, initially my foot did start hurting and my thoughts were pretty much “here we go again” because once it starts hurting, that’s it, I cannot recover from it. Today was a different story, as once I finished walking around and rested my foot, the pain faded away really quickly and the pain ended up not being at all noticeable throughout the rest of the work shift, which I am really relieved about, as it allowed me to do Hospital Radio afterwards which I hadn’t done for quite a few weeks.

The weather lately has been really good because the temperatures have collapsed to the point where the highs in the day don’t reach more than 8C/46F, which is much more like the temperatures that I like. However, the nights have been getting really cold, for example tonight it is meant to get all the way down to -7C/20F, which is much colder than the nights I am used to or the temperature that night times tend to go down to in England. The night time lows during winters here tend to be about -1C/4C, but dropping below -5C at night is quite unusual and the thing is now that I go to work early in the morning, this could end up being a problem because the paths and roads could be quite icy especially when I wait for my bus.

Overall, I am really happy with the progress that my injury has been making because I have been worried that the injury could worsen even more, but at least I am closer to being fully mended. I do think it will be quite some time before I am 100% but I think I will be have more strength in my foot after this injury subsides.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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