28/11/2016 (Day 169: Injury Is Healing And How I Pick My Reviews)

Today has been quite a good day because I have been at work even though I was somewhat worried about the fact that my right foot has been injured for nearly a week. I saw a doctor on Tuesday to try and find out what was wrong with it because it felt like I had broken my ankle, as at times the pain was almost unbearable to the point where I couldn’t put my foot anywhere without it hurting.

The doctor said that it was a muscle issue in my foot where I had pushed too hard and my the problem was that I continued to push because I thought it was initially cramp, but it was only after I pushed way too hard that I noticed it was bad. However, for the rest of last week I took paracetamol once a day so that the muscle could recover and rest because the last thing I wanted to do is make the muscle injury worse. I am glad that my foot has recovered relatively quickly because I was worried that whenever I get muscle issues sometimes it can take some time to heal. Maybe my improved fitness is allowing me to recover from injuries somewhat quicker than I used to.

Also, I thought I would give an insight into how I pick games to review for Liam’s Game Room because there is an interesting way that I go about how the games make the cut. The first thing that I look at is whether the game I will be reviewing will be a good game or a bad game because for some reason I find reviewing an awful game more interesting. I also play games based upon which consoles require games for review so I don’t run into any issues with there being a different console per review unless I do special months where I cover an entire series in a month’s work of reviews.

Overall, it is good to be healing from an injury because I hate picking up injuries as it makes me feel old rather than my true age. Also, I hope that the insight into how I pick my reviews makes it easier for people to recommend games for me, which I am open for review suggestions.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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