27/11/2016 (Day 168: Perler Games And Reviews)

So today I had quite a lot of fun because I took part in a game where a streamer makes a perler from scratch using a pattern, however I was the one who gave the commands to where the perlers go. The interesting thing is that I can not see where the perlers are put, so it is based purely upon how good my instructions were which dictated whether the perler came out really well or badly. The first perler I did in this game went moderately well because I had never really done anything like this in a game or really had to give detailed instructions. From the second perler, I felt a lot comfortable giving instructions because I had got used to the perler boards that the streamer was using, which allowed me to be able to give better instructions as well as understanding where on the board the streamer was. The third perler went really well because I was in the groove and it almost felt like I had been partaking in this activity for quite some time, it is almost like I became a natural. I am hoping that I could join in more in the future because it could help me improve my ability in terms of giving instructions to people.

Also, I thought I would update you all on how the progress with the game reviews are going. The reviews are going quite well, but lately I have been playing quite a new different games so that when I go work really hard on reviews I will have even more games to play, which means that I will have more games to review further on down the line. I am looking forward to reviewing more games because I am expanding out to more recent consoles but not too recent because I want to maintain the feeling of retro games, so I won’t be going more recent than Playstation 2.

Overall, today was a fun day and I really enjoyed the blind perler challenge, I am hoping that the streamer does this more often as it could help me improve my instructional skills. Also I have hoping that the review will get some progress soon because I want to get a headstart on the reviews.

Have an awesome day and I will see you all tomorrow.



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