26/11/2016 (Day 167: Awesome Stream And Christmas Films)

Tonight I decided pretty much impulsively to sit down and stream for a couple of hours because I hadn’t streamed at all this week due to how busy it has been with organising the furniture in my bedroom. I decided that to shift my focus away from a speedrunning stream because I think that it might be a good idea to maybe play some more casual games towards the end of the year. I think the plan is to go harder on speedrunning in 2017 because the month or so rest away from it will allow me to recharge my batteries and maybe look at the  games I speedrun from a new perspective. I think the major plan of the stream through December is to complete my Genesis NHL 95 Season because there is quite a lot of games in that season that need to be completed. I also believe that it will coincide very well with the upcoming Winter and Christmas season.

Speaking of Christmas, recently I have been watching quite a few Christmas movies earlier than I normally would because of the Christmas feeling that I currently am experiencing. I normally don’t watch any Winter themed or Christmas movies until around mid December, but for some reason due to the fact that Christmas is 100% sorted for me and all of the presents that I have bought are wrapped up, I can procrastinate about Christmas memories of old. See the interesting this is normally I am quite the humbug about Christmas and celebrating it earlier in the year, but there is something about this year and how organising I have been meaning that all the worries about buying stuff and wrapping it close to the occasions are not present this year (also good puns).

Overall, I am happy that the stream went really well and I also streamed with webcam, which is something I had never tried before and my confidence rose because of it. Normally, I am worried about how people perceive me but now, if people don’t like the look of me then they don’t have to watch my stream or even look at me. Also, I will be watching more Christmas films after I post the blog because why not?

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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