25/11/2016 (Day 166: My World Has Changed For The Better)

Today I have been reflecting on how much things in the last 2 weeks have changed my world for the better because so many things have happened lately that have made me a much happier person overall. The first and most important thing that has happened is the fact that my bedroom is now finally decorated and looks freaking amazing and looks much more grown up compared to how my bedroom looked. My old look bedroom looked old and was decorated when I was about 15 years old, so it reflected my interests from a much different time in my life and I believe the new look bedroom will help me feel much more grown up. I also think that the new bedroom configuration means that the bedroom is much more organised and allows me to be able to find things much easier, as well as allowing the games I want to review on the Playstation to be played since the fact that my Playstation 2 is now set up. I think also the fact that most of my furniture is brand new and I have purchased quite a bit of it means I will want to maintain it more.

The second thing that happened, which actually happened today was the fact that I bought a gaming chair and it was delivered today. The chair is so comfortable and I have been sitting in the chair all day and it is hasn’t been making my back ache like my old chair did. Also, the chair will be able to support my weight, which I think that the old chair was definitely starting to struggle to do, but this chair is extremely well built and came with a 1 year guarantee, which is reassurance.

Overall, I think the last couple of weeks have been an experience where the final stages of growing up are finally done and I feel like I can finally class myself as an adult. I am looking forward to feeling more mature because I have wanted to feel more mature for quite a while.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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