24/11/2016 (Day 165: My Bedroom Is Now Fully Decorated)

Today was the day that me bedroom was finally finished and I am so glad to have most of my furniture now installed. The most important things that have now been sorted and installed into my bedroom is my new bed and it is so comfortable and I now look forward to coming home from work to a really nice and tidy bedroom. This is now a huge weight off my shoulders because the wall and furniture in my bedroom now looks amazing. It also looks so clean and tidy, which now I need to learn to maintain and make sure that my bedroom never either gets messy or untidy ever again because it took so long to reorganise the room.

I also ordered something else for my bedroom that I have been wanted to upgrade for quite a while, as I have had this piece of furniture for about a year and I got it relatively cheaply. This piece of furniture I am talking about is my office because I will say that it is falling apart somewhat, even though the chair is still mostly together, however I have to keep making minor repairs to it everyday and I really don’t want to have keep repairing my chair every day. So what I did was look if there were any gaming chairs reduced in price during the Black Friday sales and I found one that was really to my liking. It isn’t an office chair, but a gaming chair will actually be more comfortable to sit in then my current chair, which is quite creaky now and keeps going down on it’s own. The new gaming chair cost me under £80/$100 which for a gaming chair is a fantastic price.

Overall, it is a relief to have my bedroom finally completed because I have wanted my bedroom to be finally finished for Christmas which is only something I could have dreamed of about 3 weeks ago. I am so glad that my bedroom looks and feels amazing because I now actually look forward to coming home to it every work day.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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