22/11/2016 (Day 163: Feeling Festive Already)

I am not sure why but today I have been feeling quite festive and I know I shouldn’t because it is only November, but after my town centre’s Christmas lights on the way home yesterday it kind of stuck with me. I don’t normally feel festive this early and I normally am the way who feels humbug about the season until it is the week of Christmas, but maybe because I have bought all of my Christmas presents already might mean I can appreciate the minutiae of the season more than before. Obviously, I am not bugging my parents to put up Christmas decorations yet because I know its too early, but looking at other Christmas lights has made me feel warm and festive even though initially it was not the case.

When I first saw Christmas lights at a house on my road on the way home on Wednesday, I thought that the people were crazy for thinking for putting up so early, but I think because there are no things to worry out until Christmas I can enjoy Christmas decorations. However, I haven’t seen many houses with Christmas lights yet, which means some people haven’t got their lights out, but the houses I have seen have got some awesome decorations out.

Overall, I am really surprised that I feel as festive as I currently do because I am a humbug most of the time and the fact that this year I am already looking forward to Christmas this early is most unusual. I think the main reason why is because this year has flown and when work days fly like they have been lately then Christmas will be here before I know it.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.




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