21/11/2016 (Day 162: Back At Work and Bedroom Finished)

Today I returned to work for the first time in a week and I found out that for the next week I will be back on the role that I started out with when I first started in the job over 7 months ago. I realised that I hadn’t this initial role for quite a long time and it was a chance to relearn it in case I was called upon in the future. I will say that today went quite well and I picked the minutiae of the role up relatively quickly and if anything it felt like a blast from the past. It was a feeling of relearning what I had learnt initially, but also an unusual feeling of nostalgia, like I was taken back in time to when I first started the job. This feeling was a warm and positive feeling and it really made me appreciate how far I have come in the space of 7 months from a rookie who was learning the job, to someone who now has quite a good amount of experience under my belt. I honestly never thought that a job that I have had for 7 months would have to potential to make me feel nostalgic because I initially thought nostalgia was something that was associated with much older, different times not something experienced 7 months prior but I was wrong.

Once I got home, my work didn’t stop because even though I put in a full day’s work I decided to finish off tidying my bedroom, which ended up being both a blessing and a curse. It was a blessing it means that the bedroom can be finished in terms of being redecorated, but a curse because now I feel exhausted and quite unwell. I think I might have overdone it, but at the end of the day it is one less thing that needs to be sorted. Even if I feel unwell tomorrow, there will be a overarching feeling of success and pride because it has been a long road to getting the room ready for redecorating but it is done.

Overall, I am happy that I am in the original role I was in at work for a week because I have happy memories of learning my job and my craft in that role. Also, getting the bedroom and cupboard done is so gratifying and now knowing my bedroom will be redecorated for Christmas makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.


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