20/11/2016 (Day 161: Pumped To Return To Work And Feeling Creative)

I started off today by doing some more work on reviews because lately I have been getting some much needed momentum in terms of getting on top of the review schedule, as well as preparing the schedule for further down the line. I played one or two games in the morning because they were both games I was planning to write reviews off and the games I already had some prior knowledge of. So a refresher on both of these games was both needed and essential to make sure that the reviews of the games were as accurate as possible, as I am the sort of person that if there are small details that I overlook, then I feel like the review wouldn’t as complete as it could have been.

I really don’t now where the momentum has shifted in my favour when it comes to reviews because in recent weeks, getting my head around writing reviews has been somewhat difficult. It could be because I am approaching them from a new angle and not thinking of how many reviews I have to write, but more thinking of completing the reviews one at a time. This has definitely helped me focus on the reviews more because my mind isn’t wondering and thinking about what the next review is and when it needs to be completed by. The advantage currently is with me because next week’s review is already finished and ready to be published on Saturday and my mentality is seeing how far ahead on the reviews I can get.

With the current configuration of the reviews, I have played enough games and got enough knowledge of different games that I can have all the reviews up to the first review of March finished within 2 to 3 weeks. However, the most important thing I need to do is not pressurise myself to writing the reviews, but more let things flow more naturally. Instead of putting difficult deadlines in my way and saying “This must get done by this date”, I am approaching it as the more I can get done, the more chance I get to play and research more games for further reviews. This sort of mentality of not getting too far ahead of myself is something I experimented with at work in recent weeks and it has worked really well.

I am hoping as well that getting really far ahead on reviews will allow me to invest more time in composing music and remixes because I do miss being able to sit down and composing some ideas and developing them. I think what I need to do is ease myself back into composing rather than going full salvo and potentially disappointing myself with how rusty I am at writing music. I think the best approach is work on specific synth instrument sounds so that I get back used to the steps of writing music and more importantly working on the quality of instrumentation. The issue I have is that I am a perfectionist and I need to accept that not every sound I develop will be perfect, but just roll with it and see how it fits within a composition. I will be deleting all of the old sounds because they were developed around arpeggiators and I want to move away from that and instead write pieces with more clarity, therefore meaning I can be more creative with compositions rather than allowing the music software to generate the sound I want.

I am quite pumped to return to work tomorrow because this week has been a much needed week off so I can recuperate and regather my thoughts. I think for me, I am going to approach work in a new way and look to try and lose some weight whilst I work because it is an opportunity to both tone up my muscles, but also get rid of excess weight. What I am hoping this will do is hopefully mean that the pressure on my body is reduced and then I can work even harder because I know that there is even more I can offer, but I can only achieve this by losing weight and taking back control of my lifestyle. The one thing that is making me think a lot about this is that I have had some lower back pains recently and it has been ringing alarm bells and it made me think that if I don’t do something now to lose weight, it will only get harder and the strain on my body will only get worse.  I will say that the time off has really helped me to reflect on a few aspects of my life and also me as a person because I do work hard, but sometimes I have a tendency to push too hard and add to the strain on my body, which returning to work now I have thought about it will allow me to find a medium between working hard and overdoing it.

Overall, today has been a great day and I am looking forward to seeing what next week has in store for me in terms of work as well as weight loss. I hope that things from here will continue to be good and if there is something stopping me from achieving what I am capable of, then I need to resolve it and not let negativity start to creep back in.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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