17/11/2016 (Day 158: Review Schedule Updates and Upgrades)

I spent most of today doing some research into some games that I could cover in Liam’s Game Room because I have wanted to add some more games to each console’s list, as some of the consoles literally had 0 or very few games I was in line to cover. The consoles I concentrated on were the Game Boy Advance as the review list for that console was empty and also added some games to the Sega Genesis review list. The reason why I decided to populate these lists were because whilst I have plenty of reviews I can be writing, my mentality at the moment is have a backlog of different games that I know I want to review and cover, but offer myself the widest choice once the reviews that I can write are done.

I think the problem I have is I might run into is that I might end up having too much choice in terms of what games to play. Have a good variety of games to play for review is quite healthy, but I have to be careful that I don’t run into the problem that I can’t decide which game to cover because this might cause more issues than it worth. I also need to make sure that the games I cover are not all short games because then I would have a problem if I feel like reviewing shorter games later, then the choice would be slimmer. I need to make sure that I strike a balance between short games and longer games, as this will make the review schedule more interesting because there will be games that I would not have too much to say, but enough to suffice a review of it.

Overall, I am happy to have more games available that I can review because the more games I have available to review, the longer Liam’s Game Room can continue.  I believe potentially I have enough games to review until maybe 2018 or at a long shot 2019 and I do hope I will still be doing the blog in a couple of years because it is now a part of my life and it isn’t something I think about doing.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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