16/11/2016 (Day 157: I Had My Butt Kicked By A Rat)

Today I decided to stream for a little while because I have been getting back into the rhythm of speedrunning, but I also wanted to get back into racing speedruns because there is something quite thrilling apart participating in speedrunning races. I haven’t done that many speedrunning races in the past and the only ones that I have done of note were some races that I did during a tournament, which I lost both of them and caused me to not be as interested in races, but more speedruns against the clock. The main reason I have shied away from speedrun races is because I don’t feel very confident racing against others because I have a tendency to make mistakes and also get extremely nervous before a race. This means whenever someone offers me a race, I tend to reject it because I say to them that I don’t feel ready to do it, even though in theory there is not anything to worry about it.

I also tend to not do races of games that I have never played before because doing what is known as a “blind speedrun” requires a different skill set and an ability to adapt to what the game is throwing at you. I am pretty good at adapting to different situations, however I have not tried doing blind speedruns because I am not sure how well I would do, even though I don’t need to worry about it because at the end of the day I should think of them as something else to enjoy through speedrunning rather than a barrier to entry. I think the other problem is that I wouldn’t go what game to blind race with someone else because in some cases, the games I would want to blind race would be games that others have mostly already played.

Today I raced some Super Mario World Randomiser with a friend of mine who goes by the name of Radioactive_Rat on Twitch and we raced each other twice because we have raced in the past but it had been about 4 months since the last race. It is safe to say by the blog title that I got my butt kicked by a Rat and the races were quite a lot of fun. The streams ended up being nearly 3 and a half hours, which for me is quite long considering the fact that the average stream lately has been about an hour and an half.

Overall, today was quite fun and I really did enjoy racing my friend of mine because it has been something I have missed doing. I am looking forward to do some more races with Radioactive_Rat and also races with other people because the more experience I get in races, the better I will be able to adapt to competing in different races and tournaments.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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