14/11/2016 (Day 155: Fantastic Thrift And First Ever Vlog)

Today, I woke up reasonably late because I was still feeling quite tired after how hard I worked on sorting out my bedroom over the weekend. I decided that even though I felt tired and not really feeling up to doing much today, I still dragged myself into town to go thrifting because I haven’t been thrifting for quite some time. The main reason why I go thrifting once a month is because I prefer going out to the stores and actually searching for games rather than looking online. The other thing is that quite a lot of games I find in thrift stores that I would have to look online for quite some time to actually locate and in some cases I wouldn’t be able to check the condition of the discs. When I go thrifting, I make decisions based upon whether the game look fun or terrible because if a game is really cheap and looks bad that I will pick the game up to write reviews of. This means that I at least am not justing picking up games and collect games for the sake of it, but more that I will have games to cover in Liam’s Game Room.

One of the other things I do when I go thrifting as well is to avoid PC and Xbox games because PC games don’t resell very well and I can’t play them as I am a Mac user. I don’t buy many Xbox games and I don’t buy anything more modern apart from Wii games occasionally because I don’t have any of the consoles and relying on reselling is not a good thing at all. I have been shifting away from reselling in the past few months simply because I have to put aside some space for the games for resale and at the end of the day, I am now buying the games that I want. The other thing I also buy sometimes is some DVDs from time to time, like I got the first 4 seasons of Big Bang Theory for about £5/$6, which is much cheaper than online prices and cheaper than the postage alone.

The other reason why I prefer going thrifting then to buy online is because the stores I buy from raise money for a wide variety of different charities. Everything from the British Red Cross to the British Heart Foundation, I feel that the money I spent in these stores is helping raise money for different charities. I am now getting to the point where the staff in these charity stores know me and are willing to look in the back of the store, where they store games that they have not yet organised and sometimes letting me get first look at some stock that others haven’t seen before. Some stores also have taken my details down so that if they get any games for PS1 and PS2 in stock from inventory rotation then they will contact me and inform me of the games that have got in. These stores have been fantastic in expanding my collection quite a lot and also introducing me to some great titles for amazing prices, as well as some games that look so bad that they would be interesting to play. You can see what I got from thrifting here Video Game Pickups #1 November 2016 .

The video showing my thrift pickups is actually quite the landmark because it is the first time that I have ever done a Vlog, which is a blog but in video form. A couple of months ago, I would not have had the confidence to actually be on camera and be able to project my voice in such a way that I wouldn’t come across as either nervous and uncomfortable on camera. I am proud of myself for being able to be on camera because I am quite camera shy, which is why I don’t stream with webcam.

Overall, today was a great day because I got so many awesome games, as well as some other things that I wasn’t looking for, but ended up getting due to how awesome some of the things were. I ended up spending about £40/$50 in the thrift store, which is actually a record high, but for what I got I am happy with the thrift and am looking forward to next month’s thrift.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.




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