10/11/2016 (Day 151: Winter Is Here Early)

Today is when I have realised that Winter has arrived here, but surprisingly early compared to previous winters. Winter for the past 4 years has never shown up because for some reason the temperatures never dropped much previously and these winters just felt like an extension of the dreary horrible weather that normally happen in Autumn/fall. However, the colder, Arctic weather is here and from what I have seen in the forecast the cold conditions are going nowhere. To be honest, I much prefer the colder winters because I am a cold weather person and Winter is my favourite season. The summers I find to be too warm and I tend to struggle to get my body temperature down because of how dry the humid air tends to be.

How have I noticed that the cold weather is here early? Simply because when I have been travelling to and from work, I have been wearing both a scarf and a coat over my work clothes. Normally I wouldn’t be complaining, but I am used to the cold weather arriving in late December and early January and the fact that the colder weather is here in early to mid November means I haven’t been able to adapt to the cold yet. The other reason why I have noticed that winter is here is that when I leave for work, it is still dark outside and when I get home it is also dark.

Once I got home from work, I decided to rework the review plans because there have recently been quite a few games that I have recently tried out and really liked the look of. The way I used to do it was to split all the games by console, however I would run into issues with not knowing how many games I was ready to review for each console without having to look at each individual spreadsheet, which eventually became tedious and annoying. So, from now it is split into 3 categories in terms of how prepared I am to review the game and is this is mainly decided upon how much I have played the game or how close I am to completing it.

Overall, today was a awesome day if not extremely cold and potentially going to get colder. I reiterate that I love the cold, but it can take a little bit of time for me to full adapt to it and I think I would have in the next week or so.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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