09/11/2016 (Day 150: A Brilliant Day)

Today went really well at work and I am really happy that everything went well because yesterday was a tough day. The experience previously helped me make sure that any potential mistakes because I found ways to avoid the mistakes rising in the first place and also whenever I had any issues with anything at work, I would ask for a solution. My problem is that sometimes when I am faced with issues, I used to have a tendency to try and find a solution myself and whenever I wouldn’t be able to solve the problem, I would then start to panic.

Lately, I have been asking my colleagues for input in terms of how well I have doing because instead of believing and following my intuition and deciding I am correct, I asked to see if there are some other solutions to problems that arise daily. What I then do, is collate the ideas and combine it with the ideas I prefer to do and then adapt these ideas an create a hybrid solution. These hybrid solutions can actually change my entire approach, as well as potentially changing the entire schedule. The other reason why I have been asking for solutions to some of my problems is because sometimes the new solutions might either save time or might be a lot more effective. This new ideas could streamline the entire process of what I do at work, as well as improve my consistency.

Overall, it is great that I am back to having really good days because the last 2 days were tougher even though I still did well. I have learnt a lot about how to work better under pressure, as well as multitasking. I am also still progressing in terms of my reviews, even though I will be degutting my entire bedroom Saturday, which will be required as my bedroom is being redecorated soon.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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