08/11/2016 (Day 149: A Cool Announcement And An Awesome Day)

I have a pretty cool announcement regarding my stream. The announcement is that I will be streaming tomorrow and Saturday at 8pm UK time and I really happy to say that both of these streams will be speedrunning streams. The reason why this is a cool announcement is because lately when I have been streaming I have been avoiding speedrunning as I haven’t had the confidence to stream at all, let alone be confident enough to stream me speedrunning. Now that I have been doing amazing at work and my confidence has gone up quite a bit overall, I feel happy to be streaming again and hopefully streaming more regularly.

Also, work today went really well, even though at times it was difficult, which is why I am more proud of being able to continue through the tough patches. I think that a tougher day like today was actually what I needed because the last 3 weeks have done without a hitch and I think today helped me get some experience with what to do when things sometimes don’t go as planned. I do need to be prepared for the unexpected because in the future, at least I will know how to handle these situations. Also, I am not saying today went badly whatsoever, quite the contrary but there were a couple of times where things didn’t got quite as I expected them to go. It is these situations that I am working on understanding the stages of how to either correct these situations or find an alternative solution if one is required because I used to panic when faced with a tough situation.

Overall, I am happy about the streaming announcement because it has been quite a long time since I have had a proper stream schedule for a entire week. I am also glad that today went really well considering all of the challenges I had faced today.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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