07/11/2016 (Day 148: I Am Ahead Of The Review Schedule)

Last night, after I had finished the daily blog, I decided to knuckle down before bed and do work on an upcoming review because I had a good feeling about writing the review for Saturday. However, after about an hour of writing the review and obtaining some of the screenshots for future reviews, I found out that I had written 1800 words for the review and the review was finished. I was really surprised that I was able to such a detailed review and also complete it in such a short period of time because most of the time I struggle to maintain my concentration and actually get good progress on reviews.

The major thing that I did differently compared to when I have been writing reviews before is the fact that instead of listening to music or a radio station, I instead listened to retro video game console podcasts. For some reason, listening to these podcasts that are geared specifically to retro video game consoles seems to allow me to not get distracted anywhere near as much. I think that I will listen to these podcasts as I work on reviews because I have quite a large backlog of podcasts to listen to and it will allow me to work through this backlog of podcasts. The podcast also can act as a form of research because I will get the chance to hear out some new games that could make for further games that I could end up reviewing in the future.

Overall, today has been quite a day of progress in terms of the review schedule. Work also went quite well today and I am really happy with the progress and with how I have adapted to the new area of work. I also think that the new approach to writing reviews could end up being the biggest breakthrough in terms of maintaining and getting ahead of the review schedule.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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